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What you will get out of the 7 week program:

  • You will overcome the Anxiety Disorder that is draining all your energy
  • You will be able to sleep at night
  • The programm will lead make you experience yourself on a new level, being able to regulate thoughts and emotiones differently from ever before
  • You will stop shaming and or blaming yourself for having Panic Attacks of Anxiety Disorder
  • You will put yourself first in line of priorities without feeling guilty about it
  • You will start living your dream life again, now you are free from unconsciously sabotaging yourself and can start visualizing a bright future


  • Yes, all of that in 7 weeks time.
  • Yes with daily support from Nicola, a healer of 19 th years now

What did participants of the 7 week program state:

“At first I didn’t know I suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I could really worry about anything.

But that just belonged to me what I was thinking.

Now after the Programm I can stay in my power.

O yes I feel happy

The restless that’s gone.

And that noise. There is no more noise. There was always a lot of turmoil. And fear was always there.

Something always loomed above me. There were always doom scenarios and disaster thoughts, and I was worried.

Now I can sometimes think about something at night. But it’s not like that anymore.

Now after the 7 weeks programm I also feel free to deal with men. Where I previously ended up freezing, I can now act. Before I faced real fears of death. In my old system men were dangerous.

My system was so super sensitive that every possible danger was felt. You understand how super tiring that is.

An additional advantage of living with much less fear now is that I no longer feel that constant unrest.

I am no longer busy all the time. I can still be busy, but I like now to not do anything at all.

Really … life is so different after the programm.

That sounds like a huge reversal ? Yes, it is such a pleasant reversal.

Would I recommend this 7-week route to others?

Yes definitely. It is really worth it. It is priceless. You simply cannot do this on your own

Lisenka Brouwer Lisenka Brouwer

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Love, Nicola

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